5 Reasons Our Members Love Playgroup

Have you been thinking about joining a playgroup? Or have you been hesitant about visiting one? Read on to discover why playgroup is so beneficial for families 

Every year we ask our wonderful community to give us feedback on their personal experience with playgroup. In 2020, we received over 700 responses from our members, and this is what they had to say about playgroup! 

 1. Playgroup helps to develop children’s social skills. 

94said the main benefit from attending playgroup was an increase in their child’s social skills through interacting with other childrenParents also noticed playgroup had improved their child’s ability to share and take turns, as well as giving them lots of opportunities to be physically active and do imaginative play. 

We have loved the friendly welcoming playgroup community we found, my child has loved his weekly playgroup time, it is wonderful to see them grow in confidence and ability over the year. We are considering still attending on the fortnight he doesn’t have Kindy next year as he has enjoyed his time so much. 

 With another parent telling us: 

Since going to playgroup my child has thrived, using more language and confidently interacting with other children. It is a fun place for the kids to run around and play, while giving parents the peace of mind that the kids will be safe. 

Compared to other activities for children like swimming or sport, playgroup centres around social connections and play. This is the number one reason families said they chose to join playgroup in the first place. 

 2. Playgroup is great for parents too. 

It’s not just the kids who get to have all the fun! 81% of parents told us that the main benefit they personally received from going to playgroup was the friendships they made. 

We literally didn’t know anyone in the neighborhood, now I feel like I can’t go down the street or into the shops without meeting someone I know through the network of friends I’ve made. It’s been an absolute godsend. 

One parent said that playgroup was “heaven for mums as it gave her the opportunity to spend time with like-minded parents over a hot cup of tea or coffee while the kids got the chance to play 

Through playgroup, our members have found a support network, a place to make lifelong friends and have created a place of belonging.  

 3. Playgroup has been great for preparing young ones for school. 

Parents have told us that gaining social skills from being around other children and adults, and doing lots of play in the early years, has helped their children get ready for school yearsAt playgroup, kids can interact with a range of different people, build independence and experience a wide range of activities they wouldn’t normally do at home.  

 “Playgroup is great for kids to learn how to interact with other kids, make friends, learn how to deal with certain situations and get them ready for school years.” 

School based playgroups are also fantastic way for families to get used to the school environment; it connects local families and means children will start school with kids they already know. 

 4. Playgroup gives parents the opportunity to spend quality time with their kids. 

Life gets busy. As parents, we find ourselves always doing something – running errands, going to work, doing housework etc. But playgroup gives parents the rare time where they can slow down and just enjoy being with their kids. 

In fact, 73% of parents surveyed told us that spending special time and having fun with their children at playgroup was the second biggest benefit they gained from joining playgroup. 

 “My daughter loves going to playgroup. It’s a great place for her to make her own friends and have some one on one time with me without her older sister.” 

 5. Playgroup is a safe space. 

 The feedback we consistently saw throughout the survey was that playgroup had been a ‘safe space’. For parents to be able to have their children play freely in a safe and fun environment is invaluable.  

 “My toddler has the best time running around and exploring, plus I know he’s safe! I can’t wait to continue going and see what else his imagination gets him into!” 

 “It means so much. For my children to be able to play freely in a safe, adventurous and fun indoor and outdoor environment and to have the opportunity to interact with other children is just fantastic.” 

 It’s having this peace of mind that really makes playgroup even more amazing! 

 If you are interested in finding a playgroup near you, then head on over to our Find a Playgroup page and get in touch with your local group today!