Social-Iso Parenting: Tips from our community

Being a parent is a juggle in itself and with these new circumstances comes new challenges.

Recently, we asked our community to share with us how they are staying positive and connected, especially with those who have young ones at home.

Here are some of the great tips we received from parents on dealing with social-iso life with kids!

  • We’ve enjoyed baking as a family and then delivering the goodies to family, friends and neighbours.
  • Going on local bear hunts and rainbow trails in our suburb has been great. It’s also really lovely to see the community getting together like this.
  • Video calls with friends and family and connecting with someone every day, also letting the kids call other friends. House Party app has been great for keeping in touch with friends and its got some fun games you can enjoy together.
  • Getting sunshine daily – whether that is going for a walk around the block or sitting outside. Having backyard picnics have been great for myself and the kids.
  • Taking the time to slow down and just connecting with the kids. This has been really lovely as we’re not in a rush to get anywhere or do anything, so I’ve enjoyed trying to be more present.
  • Giving myself a break from social media and just connecting more with my family.
  • Lots of nature play in the backyard. Play doesn’t haven’t to always be crafty, especially with little kids.
  • Taking it day by day.
  • Limiting my exposure to the news and only checking credible news sites in the afternoon, once a day.
  • Daily exercise – with and without kids. Some mornings I like to take 30 minutes to head out and go for a walk by myself. Then I will head out later on with the kids in tow and take them for a bike ride or scooter rides.
  • Sticking to a normal routine, even when working from home. Making sure I get up and get myself ready the same way I would if I had to leave the house.
  • Getting the husband to finally complete the odd jobs around the house that we’ve been wanting to do! That in itself has been very satisfying to see.

What are some of the ways you have been motivating yourself? Share it with us – we’d love to hear!