Referrals – member recruiting

Qualified Playgroup WA staff will help you advertise your playgroup.

We have a noticeboard to alert new members about vacancies, a social media presence  and a number of resources to spread the word.

Stay connected

And because we can help connect new families to a particular session we need up to date information on what sessions are running at your playgroup!

For example your playgroup might run a baby session on Monday morning; a toddler group on Tuesday afternoons and a 3+ session on Thursday mornings with mixed groups running at other times across the week.

So imagine how quickly we could connect new families to your playgroup, if we have the latest information about what sessions are running and at what times.

Your playgroup might have fathers’ groups; rainbow groups; groups of families from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds; FIFO family groups or even an Intergenerational session!

Keep us up to date

So be sure to keep us informed and let us know if a group or session time changes or merges with another so we can match new referrals to you.

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