International Friendship Day

Celebrating Friendship Day!

On the 30th July we are asked to step back and be thankful for all the special relationships in our lives.

Friendship and connecting is synonymous with bonding, and it’s through building these bonds we share common ground, can look past differences and promote a community that is inclusive and diverse.

Playgroups are built on the foundation of people coming together to form friendships for themselves and their little ones.

82% of our members told us that through playgroup they built new friendships and made stronger connections with their local community, something that Playgroup WA is very proud of!

Celebrate International Friendship Day

International Friendship Day is a good time to reflect on our friendships and the positivity they bring to our lives. If you’re wanting to celebrate the day at playgroup we have some lovely ideas you can do together!

  • Make a friendship bracelet. Using coloured pasta and some thread or pipe cleaners you can make a lovely colourful bracelet for everyone
  • Make a friendship wreath. Read how to make one here.
  • Read and share stories about friendship. Sharing books can be a special part of the playgroup routine, for a list of books on friendship click here.
  • Make a friendship book. Fill it up with pictures of friends or let the little ones draw pictures of their friends. You could use an empty scrap book or you could even make your own book.
  • Make a friendship rainbow. Using different coloured card or paper, trace around each child’s hand and cut them out. Write their names on each cut out (you could even ask each child to decorate their own) and once finished, string them together and hang them up to display.
  • Draw a picture. Get little ones to draw a picture for their special friend or even draw one of their friends!

Do you have any other suggestions? Let us know below! Don’t forget to tag @playgroupwa or #playgroupwa so we can share what you get up to.