Winter play – Playgroup

ETTS Winter Play PlaygroupWhy not rug up and get outside to explore nature with your playgroup this winter? Research suggests that children who play together in nature are more social with each other. They also have a greater connection with the environment. Encourage playgroup families to come ready for some outside playtime – maybe bring a change of clothes in case they get wet!

Did you know?

Children need to play outside everyday even in winter.

Add language

Point out, name and describe small creatures and objects in the environment (e.g. seed pods, flowers, snails) found by the group. Talk about how things are the same or different. Use words to describe size and quantity relationships e.g. “This leaf is the biggest” “There are more ants than snails”. Use position words e.g. under, next to, behind. Count groups of things you find. Learning words for comparing, contrasting, position and number are all important to learning language for maths.

Other development

Items collected from the ground such as leaves and gumnuts can be used to make great craft creations inside on a rainy day! Children can unleash their imagination and creativity while developing their fine motor skills.

Children develop critical thinking skills as they explore, investigate and ponder what they see, experience and share as a group. This builds their general knowledge, science and social skills.


Discovery cards and magnifying glasses are a great way to explore your outside area at playgroup (or a nearby nature reserve). Stick pictures of things children will find outside onto the cards, then watch as the treasure hunt begins!

Across the ages

All the activities listed on our “Play Ideas” page can be applied across different age groups. See how winter play can be fun for babiestoddlers and children.

Activities listed under “playgroup” are suitable for groups of children of various ages. They provide opportunities for early learning and social play.