Who’s riding the bus?

Bus with passengersThis craft idea is great for encouraging conversation and interaction.

What you need:

  • Some old magazines for cutting
  • Glue
  • Paper

Use a template or draw a bus shape onto some white paper, be sure to add windows. It’s time to find some passengers to ride the bus – cut out faces from magazines and glue them into the windows on the bus.

Talk with your child about what the people look like, how old they are, do they have a hat on, are they doing something funny, where could they be going, do they have long or short hair etc. Try to get a variety of pictures so you can talk about people’s differences.

Include some funny pictures such as animals – who ever heard of a giraffe on a bus?

Remember, children should be supervised with scissors at all times. For younger shildnre we suggest parents cut out faces from magazines but let the kids glue them to the paper.