Turn taking games – Baby

turn taking babyEngaging in simple turn taking games helps your baby learn and practice lots of new skills.

Did you know?

Even young babies can play turn taking communication games. This is a fundamental language and social skill that forms the foundation for most future development.

Add language

Babies learn that communication is a 2-way turn taking process through face to face interactions. Get close to eye level with your baby so you can watch and listen to each other carefully. Relax and observe your baby’s facial expressions and gestures. Pick a sound or movement your baby made and imitate it. Pause and wait 5-10 seconds for your baby to make any response. Imitate that response. Keep taking several turns while your baby is still looking and interested.

Other development

As your baby develops you can take turns to copy actions on or with objects e.g. banging on a drum or pushing a car. You can make symbolic noises e.g. say “beep beep” when you push the car or “moo” with a toy cow. Learning to imitate and copy is an important way young children learn lots of new skills.


Feeding times are important opportunities for turn taking and social interaction between your baby and you. Because babies feed regularly this gives frequent practice at turn taking and close communication.

Across the ages

All the activities listed on our “Play Ideas” page can be applied across different age groups. Check out turn taking games for toddlerschildren and playgroups.


Activities listed under “baby” are suitable for children under 12 months. This age is largely about babies exploring their own bodies and the world around them from the safety of a close relationship with their caregiver.