Transport Sensory Bin

Transport Sensory BinSensory bins are a great way to stimulate your child’s senses (while keeping the mess confined to a tub!).

What you need:

  • Large plastic container
  • Base – this is the base layer of your sensory bin, you can use uncooked rice, sand, shredded paper or anything else you have around the house
  • Filler – this is the extra material you put into your bin to make it interesting. We used cardboard tubes for buildings, coloured pasta for traffic lights, cardboard for the ramp and roads and pipecleaners as trees and road markings.
  • Some cars or even better trucks to push the rice around!

Once you’ve collected your materials it’s time to construct your sensory bin. Make a base layer using your rice or sand (about 5 cm is a good depth) then add your filler to make a fun scene. Your child is sure to get hours of entertainment out of this fun project and you can rest assured your house will stay reasonably clean.