TractorFootprints make a great base to build a tractor, all you need to add are wheels, a cab and an exhaust pipe.

What you need:

  • Green paint (or for a less messy option you can draw around the kids feet on green paper)
  • Coloured card for the cab and pipe (if you don’t have coloured card you can draw or paint the tractor details)
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Before you start this activity cut out all your shapes from the coloured card, you need – circles for the tyres, a square for the cab and window and a rectangle for the exhaust pipe.

Now for the fun bit! If you are using paint, brush an even amount onto the bottom of one foot and ask the child to make a footprint on a sheet of white paper. Once the paint has dried you can help them add the cut-out shapes to make a tractor.