Tissue Paper Love hearts

We love doing tissue paper crafts with little ones. It’s so colourful, easy to manipulate, and can be made into so many things.Valentines Day 02

Tissue Paper Love heart

What you need

  • Various tissue paper
  • Stick glue
  • Card

What to do

This is one of those activities where you can leave it up to the children to make the craft however they want! With some guidance you can let them glue, tear and stick the tissue paper onto the card.

Set up: pre-cut the card into love heart shapes. Have the tissue paper and glue sticks ready for the little ones to use.

Watch our fun video here.

What they learn:

This activity is perfect and easy enough for small children, toddlers and kindergarteners as they get to tear, crush and glue the tissue paper. We love that it’s child-led and they can decorate it however they like, regardless of their skill level.

Tissue paper craft helps children to:

  • Build fine motor skills – tearing and scrunching paper, using the glue stick and sticking paper onto the card all builds these important skills
  • Encourage awareness of colours and textures – this activity uses so many different colours that all feel different and are great for sensory play!
  • Creativity – tissue paper craft is a perfect open-ended activity for little ones to decorate and create however the like!