Summer play – Toddler

Summer play - toddlerToddlers are often natural explorers and very inquisitive. Use this to your advantage and explore the outdoors together to satisfy their curiosity and burn off some energy.

Did you know?

By taking time to share your knowledge about nature, toddlers will learn how to respect and care for their environment. Discovering small creatures together helps your toddler to be curious yet careful when interacting with animals and nature.

Add language

The number and variety of words you speak to your child directly influences their vocabulary.

While discovering and observing insects and animals, talk with your toddler about where they live, what they eat, etc. Pause and wait for your child to start a conversation by pointing or making a comment.


Try going on a “summer safari” and see what animals and plants you find depending on where you live. This could include looking out for dolphins or finding shells at the beach, or seeing what animals come out in the warmer months such as dragonflies in the north.

Take some magnifying glasses or binoculars with you on your adventure for even more fun!


Remember to use sun protection when exploring the outdoors, especially in summer. The warmer months also encourage reptiles to be more active, so be careful and respectful of the environment you are exploring.

Across the ages

All the activities listed on our “Play Ideas” page can be applied across different age groups. See how Summer play can be fun for babies, children and playgroups.


Activities listed under “toddler” are suitable for children aged 1-3 years. Toddlers enjoy activities that include exploring their environment and finding out how things work.