Straw Colour Matching

straw box matchingThis is a really good activity for exploring colours while helping to develop coordination and fine motor skills.

What you need:

  • Shoe box
  • Various coloured straws
  • Scissors
  • Coloured pens or pencils to match the colours of your straws
  • A sheet of white paper
  • Glue or sticky tape

Setting this activity up takes a little time, but once you’ve finished it’s an activity that can be used time and time again.

Take a sheet of white paper and attach it to the top of the shoe box with either glue or sticky tape. Using the scissors carefully make equally spaced holes through the paper and lid of the shoe box. Once the scissors have pierced the lid you can twist a pencil through the hole to round out the edges.

Next, take the coloured pens and draw a different colour around each hole (make sure these colours match the straws). Once you’ve finished colouring round the holes your activity box is ready for the kids!

The aim of the game is to put the correct colour straw through the matching coloured hole. Matching the colours helps kids to explore colours and putting the straws through the hole is a great way to strengthen fine motor skills. When the kids are done playing put the straws inside the box and store it for another day.