Spring Play – Baby

Spring Play Ideas BabySpring is full of new outdoor experiences for you and your baby.

The environment is constantly changing with plants growing rapidly, flowers blooming, baby animals and insects more active.

This means there is lots for your baby to experience, discover and explore. Your caring presence gives your baby a safe base from which to explore. Enjoy sharing your baby’s sense of newness, wonder and awe of the spring world.

Did you know?

Playing outside strengthens your baby’s immune system. Mild spring weather is perfect for spending time outdoors with your baby.

Add language

Talk with your baby and put words to the new things they are experiencing.

If your baby points to things, provide the word that goes with what they are pointing towards. Using words to go with what they can see, touch, smell, taste and hear builds their understanding of words.

Other development

Even young babies respond to all the sensations, the colours, sounds, sights and smells of spring. Babies learn about themselves and their world through this sensory stimulation. Plants in spring provide lots of opportunity to stimulate your baby’s senses. There are plants they can smell and taste. Plants to see different colours, heights, shapes and textures. Plants to touch with different textures.

Soft grass in spring is perfect for tummy-time, for crawlers and for babies pulling themselves to stand or beginning to walk. It is good for your baby to go barefoot at this stage. Small rises and slopes help to give to some challenge to babies as they become more mobile. This is all important for gross motor, balance and coordination development.


Different smells, colours and textures from various flowers in bloom will be a sensory delight for your baby. If there are dandelions nearby, blow the seed balls and watch your baby react to seeing the seeds carry in the wind.


Mouthing (putting everything in their mouth) is an important learning stage for babies. Being aware of anything that might be a health or safety risk for your baby is important.

Sun protection is important when playing outside.

Across the ages

All the activities listed on our “Play Ideas” page can be applied across different age groups. See how Spring Play can be fun for toddlers, children and playgroups.

Activities listed under “baby” are suitable for children under 12 months. This age is largely about babies exploring their own bodies and the world around them from the safety of a close relationship with their caregiver.