Popstick Plane

plane in skyIs it a bird? Is it a plane? Yes, it’s a popstick plane!

What you need:

  • Popsticks
  • Blue paper (or white paper and some blue crayons)
  • Cottonwool balls
  • Glue

To make your plane glue two popsticks somewhere in the middle of the paper, these will become the body of the plane. Next glue one or two popsticks across the other popsticks to make wings. Once the glue has dried you can draw windows, engines, smoke or a tail on the plane. To make fluffy clouds gently pull apart some cottonwool balls and glue them to the page. Once they’ve finished their masterpiece it’s ready to hang proudly on the fridge.

Extension Ideas:

Engage your child while they are making their sky sceen by asking them questions like, how high do planes fly? What colour is their plane? Where is the plane going? How many clouds are in the sky, etc.