Pool Noodle Hobby Horse

hobby horse pool noodleFor all young children their play is their work. Through play children develop skills which help them later in life. Imaginative play helps children explore different emotions and express their feelings. A shy child might use imaginative play to act out their fears, while a very active child may use imaginative play to release a lot of energy in an acceptable way.

Why not make some hobby horses for your next playgroup session and watch as they are magically transformed into living, breathing ponies.

What you need:

  • A pool noodle
  • String
  • A variety of craft pieces to add features to your horse – you can use whatever material you have. Even if all you have is a black pen for the eyes and mouth, imagination will do the rest.

We used:

  • Pipe cleaners for the ears and eye lashes – stuck straight into the foam
  • Paper for the eyes and nostrils, stuck on with double sided tape
  • String to keep the noodle bent in place
  • Coloured streamers platted together for the reins, you could use a ribbon or scarf
  • Sticky sided foam for the mane, you could also use material or streamers

To make the hobby horse bend a pool noodle near the top and secure it in place with some string. Make sure you attach the string tightly so the noodle holds firm. Using your craft pieces add on some horse features, be sure to add ears, eyes, nostrils, a mane and reins for the kids to hold.