Paper Plate Pig

Paper plate pigPaper plates are versatile, cheap and easy to find. Why not make some paper plate farm animals this week at playgroup? We made a pink pig, but you could make a spotted cow, a horse or add cottonwool balls to make a sheep!

What you need:

  • A paper plate
  • Pink paint
  • Black paint or marker
  • Pink pipe-cleaner
  • Black paper
  • Pink paper (we used shiny corrugated card for the ears but you could use any paper you have)
  • Stapler

Before you start this activity, pre-cut legs out of black paper and ears out of pink card. Set up a paint table and let the kids paint the front of the plate pink. Once the paint has dried help the kids attach feet and ears to the pig. To make the pig’s tail wrap a pipe-cleaner loosely around the children’s fingers to make it curl, then staple to the back of the plate. To finish the pig ask the children to draw two eyes, a snout and a mouth.

Extension Idea: Complete the farm theme by singing “Old McDonald had a Farm” or by reading a farm book at story time.