Painting – Playgroup

Painting PlaygroupThere are lots of ways to set up painting at playgroup to make it fun for all ages. Painting can be done inside or outside.

Did you know?

Children learn to wait, take turns, and share when painting with others. These are important social and emotional skills for development and helping children get ready for school.

Add language

Talk about what the children are doing, the colours and shapes in the painting. Pause and wait for children to tell you about their painting.  Encourage them to tell each other about what they are painting.

Other development

Encourage the older children to help set up and pack away. This gives them a sense of responsibility. It helps them to know the steps needed for the task. Learning simple routines and how to move on to the next activity are useful in getting ready for school.

Noticing colours change when they are mixed together builds early science concepts. Noticing patterns and shapes builds early maths concepts.


Turn painting into an adventure and go exploring outside. Get the children to collect leaves or ferns. These can be painted and pressed onto paper to make all sorts of wonderful paintings and patterns.

For another idea try putting paper in the bottom of a cardboard box. Then add blobs of paint and a golf ball. Children can have fun moving the box to see where the ball goes and make patterns on the paper.

Create individual items to take home or send to family members. You could also create one group artwork. Both are great ways to build a sense of pride and connection.


Non-toxic washable paint is best for playgroups.

Activities listed under “playgroup” are suitable for groups of children of various ages. They provide opportunities for early learning and social play.