Making music – Playgroup

making music playgroupMusic making can be a fun way to influence mood and energy levels at playgroup.

Did you know?

Playing with music can be a fun way to energise a playgroup or help calm things down e.g. If the mood is tired and flat you can make music that matches the energy level and then gradually increase the intensity and rhythm of the music to energise the group, or vice versa.

Add language

Music making can be a good time for encouraging imitation and turn taking which are important early skills for language development. It is also a great opportunity to provide words that go with concepts, comparisons and contrasts e.g. fast, faster; slow, slower; big, bigger, biggest; high and low; up and down; etc.

Other development

Children need free play time to explore and experiment with musical instruments – bought or made.

Playing with musical instruments helps fine motor skills and builds awareness of rhythm and beat. It may also inspire whole body movement/dancing.

Loud and exuberant music play can help children let off steam and express big emotions and ideas. Taking this type of music play outside may be best for the comfort of all.


Making musical instruments from recycled materials is a fun playgroup activity e.g. empty milo or formula tins for drums, cardboard rolls for trumpets or didgeridoos, foil pie tins for tambourines, thick dowelling or broomsticks cut into short lengths for clapping sticks, or empty water bottles (small ones for babies) filled with coloured rice and then sealed make wonderful shakers.

Planning and making a “sound garden” at playgroup can be a wonderful way of engaging families in creating and experimenting with sound making. You can hang different wooden, metal or plastic objects securely from a tree, fence or frame outside. Have some different objects available for use as strikers e.g. wooden or metal spoons, cardboard tubes etc. This can be a great project for re-using and recycling discarded things like old household pots, lids, cutlery, PVC piping etc.


Be sure there is no chance of hanging or choking hazards in setting up your “sound garden”.

Across the ages

All the activities listed on our “Play Ideas” page can be applied across different age groups. Check out making music for babiestoddlers and children.


Activities listed under “playgroup” are suitable for groups of children of various ages. They provide opportunities for early learning and social play.