Flower Stamps

flower craftThere is no limit to what you can make with household items and a little imagination. These fabulous flower stamps are made from cardboard tubes.

What you need:

  • Some cardboard tubes
  • Scissors
  • Paint
  • Paint tray
  • Paper
  • Paint brush

Making the flower stamp is easy. Simply cut lines into one end of the tube (about 2 cm long) all around the edge. Now fold back the cardboard sections at 90 degree angles until you have something that looks like the picture above. Once you are happy with your flower, it’s time to stamp!

Set up the table with paints and paper and let your kids go crazy stamping flowers. They can also paint flower stems, grass or anything else around the flowers.

Don’t have any cardboard tubes? No problem! You can make great flower stamps using the bottom of a 2 litre soft drink bottle.