Earth Art

Earth artCreate planet Earth as seen from space!

What you need:

  • Paper plate
  • Shaving cream
  • Blue and green paint
  • Cotton bud – using cotton buds increase fine motor skills
  • Bucket of water and towel

This activity can be a little messy so make sure the kids are wearing painting clothes or aprons.

Spray shaving cream into the middle of a paper plate and let the children spread the foam around the plate. The feeling of shaving foam is a fun new sensory experience for little hands.

When the foam is pretty much even around the plate ask the children to wash their hands. Next, drop some blue and green paint around the plate and, using cotton buds, encourage the children to move the paint through the shaving cream. Let the kids create swirls with the paint and shaving foam mix until they have created something that (loosely) resembles the land and water on Earth when viewed from space.

Extension Idea: When you are adding the paint to the plates talk ask the kids what they think will happen when the paint is mixed.