Create an animal world

dinosaurs in grass2This craft idea is great because it’s more about the process then about the finished result. Kids have a lot of fun colouring and making grass for animals to hide behind.

What you need:

  • Crayons, coloured, pencils or felt tip pens
  • Paper for drawing on
  • Paper for cutting to make grass
  • Scissors (herb scissors work great to create fine grass)
  • Animal stickers are optional (depending on the age of the kids taking part)

Once you have everything set up let the kids’ imagination run wild. If the children are too young to draw specific shapes like animals they can draw on the paper to make a background and then stick animal stickers and grass on top. For older children let them draw the animals.

Children should be supervised with scissors at all times. For younger children we suggest parents cut out the grass shapes and let the kids glue them to the paper.

This craft is great and offers a lot of conversation opportunities –¬†Are the animals going to hide in the long grass? Or are they in front of the grass?