Contact Paper Collage

This activity is a favourite of ours. It’s (mostly) mess free, easy to set up, and like all our activities – great for little hands.
Contact Collage e1628061658589

What you need:

  • Piece of card
  • Clear contact paper
  • Various items such as: cupcake patties, foam shapes, feathers, pom poms, match sticks, scrap pieces of paper or wrapping paper, decorative scatter confetti and anything else you’d like to use!
  • Stapler

What you do:

Cut the contact paper to fit the card and staple it (with the backing still on, facing upwards) onto the card. Peel off the backing paper and let your child get creative by sticking whatever items they’d like to the contact paper. The end result is a wonderful collage you can display!

What they learn:

Collage activities help children to:

  • Build fine motor skills – picking up small objects is perfect for working their tiny muscles in their fingers and hands
  • Encourage awareness of colours and textures – this activity uses so many different colours and materials that all feel different and are great for sensory play!
  • Develop language skills – talk with them about the activity, the textures, colours, what they want to stick on next, what do certain things feel like etc.
  • Creativity – collages are perfect open-ended activities for little ones to decorate and create however the like!

Little things….You can use whatever items you have on hand – this is a great one for recycling things around the house.¬†

Head over to our Instagram to watch some of our playgroup kids having fun with their collages here.