Autumn Play – Playgroup

Autumn Play PlaygroupOccasionally meeting in the outdoors instead of your usual playgroup venue can be a great way to enjoy new experiences, inspire both children and adults, and build a sense of community. The milder weather in autumn is a perfect time for these excursions. Parks with lots of trees are particularly good for exploring and comparing changes in the environment.

Did you know?

Sharing skills and knowledge occurs naturally when children and adults are playing together in nature. Autumn is a colourful time to explore seasonal changes, develop early science and maths concepts and have fun together.

Add language

Point out, label and describe small creatures and objects e.g. ants, ladybugs, caterpillars, earth worms etc. found by the group on a nature walk. Talk about the differences in the leaves in autumn. Count leaves and talk as you sort them into different colours, sizes or shapes – this helps children learn the language of maths.

Other development

The combination of playgroup and natural settings is extremely beneficial for developing social skills, imagination & problem solving. All children and adults can interact and learn from each other in a relaxed setting.

Children learn science concepts while exploring fallen leaves, rocks, soil and plants. Watching what the insects and birds are doing helps children develop skills in observing. Noticing differences in size, shape, body parts and activity helps children develop a sense of enquiry. This all builds a child’s understanding of their world and their place in that world.


Why not visit one of Perth’s Nature Playgrounds and keep an eye out for autumn events and festivals in your area.

If your playgroup can’t go out into nature, why not bring a little nature to playgroup? You can collect leaves or other natural items outside during or before playgroup and then use them for an inside activity. Autumn is a great time for this! You can try screen-printing, leaf rubbing, stencils, or sticking items onto

contact to make nature collages! You can stick twigs and leaves and nuts into playdough to create nature scenes.


Always use sun protection and supervise around water.

Activities listed under “playgroup” are suitable for groups of children of various ages. They provide opportunities for early learning and social play.